Asia Pacific Risk Virtual 2022

RIMS-WTW Asia Pacific Risk Virtual Conference 2022

Call for Session Submissions
Deadline: Friday, 4 February 2022


Calling all risk professionals! We want you to submit a session proposal for the RIMS-WTW Asia Pacific Risk Virtual Conference 2022. We’re looking for a range of presenters and subjects to enhance contributions to the risk management industry. Career development, cyber and technology risk, strategic and enterprise risk management, these are just a few of the topics we cover. We encourage you to think outside the box and develop diverse education sessions.

You are the subject matter expert and know what is critical to be successful. Share your knowledge and experience with your peers. We all want to hear from risk management innovators, disruptors, and practitioners!

All program submissions MUST be submitted electronically for consideration. Late and/or incomplete submissions, as well as sales pitches, will NOT be considered. We will only accept proposals that comply with all of the guidelines outlined below. Submitting a session is easy - read the guidelines, then complete and submit the form. Be sure to submit your session proposal on time, do not wait until the last day.

RIMS continues to explore all options to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment for RIMS-WTW Asia Pacific Risk Virtual Conference 2022. The conference is scheduled to be a live online event.

Who Attends
RIMS-WTW Asia Pacific Risk Virtual Conference is attended by risk managers, CROs, CEOs, CFOs, risk analysts, managers, and government officials responsible for managing their organization’s risk portfolio. This event features speakers who present on a variety of risk management topics that cater to the needs of professionals in the Asia Pacific region.

Format and Length

  • 50–60 minutes: Education that drives participation, discussion, and engagement.
  • Speaker Limitations
  • 50–60-minute presentations: Three (3) speakers plus a facilitator; two must be risk managers.
  • (Risk Manager Definition: Risk management professionals lead the development and implementation of risk management practices that enable an organization to make risk-effective decisions that create and sustain value).
  • All speakers need to be subject matter experts.
  • Only one (1) representative from a company is permitted to be a speaker on a session.
  • Add speakers’ information along with a biography that includes their experience on the topic.
  • Accepted speakers will need to sign off on the RIMS Guidelines and Agreement, click here to see a sample.

Rules and Requirements

  • Your submission must be strong with a clear statement of your educational objectives.
  • Ensure that your submission reads well and is grammatically correct. A poorly written submission will be rejected.
  • If you use acronyms, make sure you spell out once in the description.
  • You have until the posted deadline to edit a submission.
  • Please note: The session and content belong to the submitter (unless it is being submitted on behalf of the company). If the submitter is no longer with the company and does not want the session, he/she can relinquish it to the company. A written email to the RIMS-WTW Asia Pacific Risk Virtual Conference.
  • Programming Committee is required before any changes can be made.
  • RIMS will not mediate a speaker-company dispute. Should this occur, we will cancel the session.
  • Your speakers must be confirmed at the time of submission.
  • A speaker should not be added to the session if they cannot speak on the topic.
  • RIMS reserves the right to make changes to the title, description, length, number of speakers, and other elements of your presentation when considering the intent and goal of the submission.
  • RIMS also reserves the right to record or live stream your session.
  • Acceptance of the RIMS Guidelines and Agreement document is mandatory. All speakers must sign this document.
  • If you cannot adhere by these rules, your session will be canceled or reassigned.

No Exceptions or Preferential Treatment

Topics are reviewed by the RIMS-WTW Asia Pacific Risk Virtual Conference Programming Committee. Decisions are based exclusively on relevance of the content submitted and interest to RIMS conference attendees.

Note: The first round of review is a blind process; the committee does not know the person or company submitting the session. Preferential treatment will not be given to any applicant regardless of their status as an exhibiting and/or sponsoring organization.

Session topics include:

  • Boardroom Conversations - Large Complex Risks for Asia Conglomerates
  • Risk Culture and Resilience - People Specific Risks
  • Insurance Market Outlook 2022 + Risk Trends in Asia
  • Natural Resources
  • Technology, Media, and Telecommunications
  • Financial Services
  • Climate/ESG Risk and Resilience
  • Supply Chain Risks
  • Digitalization of Risks
  • Country Spotlight: Risk resiliency and best practices in the following groups: China, South East Asia and India, Japan and Australia/New Zealand (China spotlight session will be conducted in Chinese, Japan spotlight session will be conducted in Japanese)

Please note: Product sales pitches are not acceptable nor appropriate as part of RIMS conference education. If you wish to sell a product or service, we invite you to exhibit in the world’s largest risk and insurance exhibition at RIMS RISKWORLD. For exhibitor and sponsorship information, contact

Please review the frequently asked questions before submitting your session. If you have questions, please contact us at