Outboarding is defined as any branded activation by a non-exhibiting company that takes place during RISKWORLD and directly competes with the conference experience. These events take place outside of the convention center and are often conducted in hotels, restaurants, and other venues.

RISKWORLD is organized so that the industry partners can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with existing clients, and generate new leads. Nearly delegates attend RISKWORLD, and our sponsors and exhibitors work hard to accomplish their goals: brand recognition and business development. However, the integrity of the show is diminished, and the value becomes diluted when companies seek - in an unofficial capacity - to “piggy-back” off RISKWORLD without directly partnering with RIMS.

Outboarding is unethical, unfair and should not be enabled or tolerated in capacity. We encourage official exhibitors to host parties and special events to enhance RISKWORLD before and after show hours, but these activities should never be functions that compete against those who are making an additional investment in their brand at RIMS. During show hours, it is strictly prohibited to conduct education inside of meeting rooms or to promote any activity that directly competes with RISKWORLD. Sponsorship activation spaces within the confines of the RIMS space are opportunities to position brands and offer customers heightened experiences.

Companies who outboard inconvenience attendees and hurt the overall industry. Outboarding violates RIMS policy and goes against the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) guidelines and best practices. When RIMS determines that outboarding has occurred, RIMS will enforce the rule against the participating company and may impose penalties for violations. Outboarding companies are subject to sanctions that start with the loss of priority points, and for those who are RIMS members, may include removal from RIMS membership.

RIMS offers a variety of opportunities outside of the exhibit hall, including suites, hotel rooms, convention center spaces, and event venues. We are committed to working with any industry entity to help our partners achieve their strategic goals as it relates to the risk and business insurance disciplines.

As a reminder, any exhibitor who hosts a competing event will be subject to a loss of all priority points.


We ask that you decline invitations that conflict with official RIMS activities and programming, and that you report violations to RIMS. The more that these unsupportive competing events take place, the more it erodes the integrity of the RIMS Annual Conference. It is important to remember that all these events exist because of the RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition. Any company that is not exhibiting or sponsoring the conference is “coat-tailing” off the RIMS experience, often in an aggressive manner with guerilla marketing efforts purposefully intent on detracting from RIMS. These practices damage the RIMS experience, and the partners and companies that significantly invest in the entire industry by participating in RIMS. Thank you for your support to RIMS and for your efforts to stop these damaging practices.