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Built BY risk professionals FOR risk professionals, this ground-breaking product is designed for risk professionals looking to become future-ready by infusing new energy into their risk strategies. The model focuses on the elements (“pillars”) and characteristics (“attributes”) considered most important for maturing risk management capabilities. Explore how to put the RIMS RMM® to work for your organization!


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The RIMS Risk Maturity Model® is available for both RIMS members and non-members looking to improve their risk management practices.


This innovative RIMS RMM® model weights its five pillars according to professionals' experiences with creating successful organizational outcomes. Each pillar is a necessary and important part for successfully managing risk. After completion, a report is generated that measures the organization against the model’s five pillars and 35 attributes that leading risk management professionals believe are most consequential for success. The results can be used to customize capability improvements in achieving the level of risk maturity most beneficial to your organization in effectively managing the fast pace of change, deliver value and be future ready.


Evaluating risk strategies and maturing organizational capabilities are more essential than ever. Use this model to establish a baseline of risk management maturity, obtain guidance for improvement, and track progress against aspirations. Gain a broader picture of risk competence as multiple people across your organization complete the assessment.



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