RIMS Regional Conferences

RIMS Regional conferences are a great way to engage with your local risk management community and learn innovative best practices to help advance your career. Regional conference are held throughout the year and are organized and run by local RIMS chapters. For more information on regional conference and to add your conference to this page, please email chapterservices@rims.org.


The 2021 RIMS Australasia Summit - Two Sides of the Same - is focused organisational “excellence” and “innovation.” Taking place September 6th - 9th, the event is fully virtual so anyone can attend.

New Zealand & Pacific Islands

The New Zealand & Pacific Islands Summit is tentatively scheduled for 25 November 2020.

Western Regional

The Western Regional Conference focuses on risk managers and sessions that provide relevant tools to mitigate risk within their organization. With registration exceeding 350 industry executives, the WRC conference is THE way to educate, connect and network with the most influential and exclusive group of risk professionals in the industry.


The Chicagoland Risk Forum is an outstanding educational and networking experience. Listen to dynamic Risk Professionals and stay on top of today’s hot topics! The Forum aligns with the mission of the Chicago and Mid-Illlinois’ RIMS Chapters to lead the risk community by providing opportunities for fostering advancement of the profession through networking, education and advocacy. The next event will be on September 14, 2023.

Florida Educational

The Florida RIMS Conference Committee is the premier State Risk Management Educational Conference.  Don’t miss the array of outstanding risk-related conference sessions offered throughout the week. Keep informed on the latest industry trends and insights. Information updates by respected insurance professionals and risk managers will challenge and inform attendees.

Southeastern Regional

Managing Risks at the Speed of Change. The RIMS Southeastern Regional Conference offers a broad range of topics, new ideas and Risk Management approaches to business issues that you can implement immediately! Conference speakers have selected informative and thought provoking presentations that will substantially contribute to your professional development and problem-solving skills.