Annual Reports

Our members’ footprint is global, opening opportunities for the exchange of ideas, cultures, business practices and solutions that transcend borders. Technology has fueled globalization, supporting new innovations, products and services. While the results of a truly global society are overwhelmingly positive, these advantages have raised consumer, government and public expectations and have unearthed new risks.

Businesses are expected to be proactive. Among many new and challenging developments, they are expected to effectively assess and implement cyber security strategies, brace for political change and uphold ethical and social standards.

The emphasis on meeting and exceeding newly set business standards has highlighted the exceptional value risk professionals deliver to their organizations. Global business executives are leaning on their risk management teams for enterprise-wide risk intelligence and business-enabling strategies.

And, to help navigate a sea of global challenges, risk professionals must have unmatched institutional knowledge; be highly-effective communicators; possess global qualifications; have regulatory awareness; and, a strategic and innovative mindset that supports technological change, organizational growth and profitability. Throughout 2018, RIMS created pathways for the world’s risk management community to meet and exceed these great expectations.

The Society continues to engage its global membership highlighted by an intense focus on risk management opportunities in India, China and the ASEAN region. In 2018, RIMS held its first RIMS Risk Management Forum China and RIMS Risk Forum India and will continue to explore more global networking opportunities into the future.

The RIMS-CRMP certification continues to gain global recognition as a professional mark of risk management excellence. RIMS introduced the RIMS-CRMP-FED microcredential for ERM professionals in the U.S. federal government sector, expanding the audience for RIMS’ certification program.

Among many other accomplishments in 2018, the Society strengthened its Diversity & Inclusion focus, forming a task force to explore opportunities to ensure the Society remains welcoming and relevant to risk professionals from all backgrounds and experiences.

The true power of RIMS is its ability to connect members with their professional peers who have already guided their organizations through many difficult strategic decisions; who have seen the rewards of those efforts; and who have persevered through the many challenges that often follow those decisions. In addition to the industry-leading content, that exchange of knowledge continues to be an invaluable advantage only available through RIMS global network of more than 10,000 risk management professionals.

We would like to sincerely thank our volunteers and dedicated members for their contributions and unwavering commitment to achieving our shared vision for the future of risk management.

Read the 2018 RIMS Annual Report for more on the latest from RIMS.


Gloria Brosius

Gloria Brosius
RIMS 2019 President


Mary Roth
RIMS Chief Executive Officer