RIMS 2024 President David Arick shares his vision for the year-ahead and the future of risk management.

January 09, 2024

In the face of tremendous adversity these past few years, many risk professionals have shown their mettle, successfully positioning themselves as integral strategic leaders whose skills and knowledge unlocked doors for executives to make better, more informed and more agile decisions. Risk management not only allowed organizations to address a flurry of new challenges, it helped thousands of organizations to emerge even stronger. 

Risk management is at a crossroads. While the profession’s momentum is at an all-time high, to keep it moving in the right direction it is up to the risk community to step out of their comfort zones, sharpen their skills, and set their collective goals even higher. To truly tap risk management’s limitless potential, individually, we must be bold and dive into uncharted professional waters.

With thoughtful analysis, insight and strategy, diving in and making brave decisions today will lead to a rewarding and prosperous future. For risk management to take that next step forward, I intend to leverage my RIMS platform to ensure the risk community is fueled with the confidence and courage to:

  • DIVE INTO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, investing in ourselves in order to set a course for our collective success.
  • DIVE INTO VOLUNTEERISM, sharing our experiences to empower risk professionals at all levels and from all backgrounds to learn, network and thrive.
  • DIVE INTO ADVOCACY, ensuring risk professionals’ voices are not only heard, but sought after. 
  • DIVE INTO OUR FUTURE, elevating the risk management student experience, mentoring, and fostering greater inclusivity for early-career risk professionals.
  • DIVE INTO RIMS, recognizing the power of your RIMS engagement to skillfully navigate trends, adopt emerging practices, and achieve shared, personal, and organizational objectives.

The RIMS Presidents before me have laid incredible groundwork for risk management’s continued ascension. As RIMS President my priority is to follow their lead and ensure that the Society continues to deliver opportunities, resources, networking, events and so much more for us to confidently dive into the unknown and advance the practice of, and the opportunities within, risk management.

The risk community will continue to make the world safer. It will continue to enable commerce and keep industries prosperous. It will continue to support innovation and facilitate intelligent risk-based decisions. Joined by an exceptionally accomplished Board of Directors and guided by passionate risk leaders who volunteer their time and expertise, RIMS stands ready to help you push the limits. Let’s DIVE IN and advance risk management together.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                David Arick                                                                                                                                                                                            RIMS 2024 President

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