RIMS EXECUTIVE REPORT: Alternatives to Traditional Workers' Compensation Systems

October 06, 2015

Report Highlights Regulation Changes & Key Considerations for Managing On-the-Job Injuries
NEW YORK (October 6, 2015) — While the general construct of the state-based workers’ compensation system has remained relatively unchanged, RIMS latest Executive Report “Alternatives to Traditional Workers’ Compensation Systems” explores the benefits and drawbacks of recent developments implemented by some states, including the option for organizations not to participate in the program.
Authored by members of RIMS External Affairs Committee, the report provides a general overview of the latest workers’ compensation and “opt-out” developments in Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and South Carolina.  Additionally, it features planning, application and implementation strategies for risk professionals who are considering opting out of their state’s current program.
“As businesses and their workplaces continue to evolve, the systems organizations use to protect their employees were bound to change as well,” said Barry Dillard co-author and member of the RIMS External Affairs Committee. “Whether it’s assessing the value of adhering to a state mandated workers’ compensation program, evaluating opting out or weighing the potential risks of something completely separate, risk professionals must first to do their homework. This report gives practitioners a roadmap of the current workers’ compensation regulatory landscape and some helpful strategies for managing employee injuries.”
The authors of the Executive Report include the following RIMS External Affairs Committee members:
•    Nathan Bacchus, Senior Government Affairs Manager, RIMS;
•    John Burkholder, Director of Risk Management, Broward County, Florida;
•    Barry Dillard, Director, Claims Management, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts U.S.;
•    William Frese, Director, Risk Management, The ADT Corporation.
The report is available to members-only in RIMS Risk Knowledge library at www.RIMS.org/RiskKnowledge. The report will be made available to non-members in November 2015.

For more information, contact:

Josh Salter, Director of Communications, (212) 655-6059 or JSalter@rims.org

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