RIMS Highlights Keys to Risk Professional Growth and Success in Risk Management

April 06, 2017

Society Unveils Revised RIMS Professional Growth Model and its Advanced RIMS Risk Management Professional Core Competency Model
NEW YORK (April 6, 2017) — In keeping with its strategic goal of equipping risk professionals to succeed in an evolving environment, RIMS, the risk management society™, has released a revised RIMS Professional Growth Model and a newly expanded RIMS Risk Management Professional Core Competency Model. The two models provide risk professionals with guidelines and a deeper understanding of the skills and knowledge needed for developing and applying risk management competencies to advance professionally.
The RIMS Professional Growth Model provides a guideline for risk management professionals – and the organizations that employ them – about the professional knowledge, skills and abilities that support career development and growth. It provides guidance for individual development and describes those accomplishments that distinguish professionals at each stage in a risk management career. With the understanding that individuals may demonstrate greater strength in some areas as opposed to others, this model is valuable for benchmarking, career planning, professional development and growth opportunities. 
Used in conjunction with the RIMS Professional Growth Model, the RIMS Risk Management Professional Core Competency Model highlights expected proficiencies in seven areas: core competencies, attributes, organizational knowledge, business knowledge, risk management knowledge, technical skills and management skills. The model reflects the need for risk management professionals to be able to analyze their organizations, design effective risk strategies, apply robust risk processes, build organizational risk competency and support decision making - mirroring the competency domains developed for the RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional certification (RIMS-CRMP).
“Risk management professionals are constantly working to prepare themselves and their organizations to successfully manage uncertainty,” said RIMS CEO Mary Roth. “As greater responsibilities are placed on these professionals, it is important that clear guidelines exist to help them reach and exceed expectations. The RIMS-CRMP certification, these two models and other recent RIMS initiatives further highlight the Society’s commitment to advancing risk management professionalism, and enabling future generations around the world to maximize their potential.”
The revised RIMS Professional Growth Model was developed by members of RIMS Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Committee and Rising Risk Professional Group. The RIMS Risk Management Professional Core Competency Model was developed by members the Society’s ERM Committee. The models were created to support RIMS’ professional members’ career development, as well as enable organizational members to set expectations and measurements for risk management capabilities. The two models can be found in RIMS Risk Knowledge library, at www.RIMS.org/RiskKnowledge.

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