RIMS Hosts 3rd Annual Florida Legislative Conference

March 22, 2013

On March 6, 2013, RIMS, the risk management society™, held its 3rd Annual Florida Legislative Conference in Tallahassee. Members from RIMS’ Florida-based chapters met face-to-face with local legislators to discuss the most significant risk management issues affecting both the private and public sectors.

The meeting in Tallahassee focused on a wide-range of legislation that included RIMS support for:

·     HB13 (Holder & Pilon) / SB52 (Detert) – Florida ban on texting while driving law;

·     SB74 (Sachs) – Similar to HB13 / SB52 but would make it a primary offense rather than a secondary offense and would require hands-free equipment be used;

·     HB47 (Hooper) / SB264 (Hays) – Calling residential and commercial properties to have newly installed or replacement smoke detectors powered by nonreplicable and non-removable batteries within 10 year lifespan. 

·     HB587 (Hood) – This “accuracy in damages” legislation places limitations on the recovery of damages for medical and health care service expenses.

·     HB605 (Hudson) / SB662 (Hays) – Revises requirements for determining amount of reimbursement for repackaged or relabeled prescription medication limitations


Legislation reviewed at the meetings and opposed by RIMS included:

·     HB149 (Campbell) – Workplace anti-bullying law making it unlawful to subject employees to abusive work environments or retaliating against employees;

·      SB308 (Braynon) – Similar to HB149 but only applies to public entities;

·     HB483 (J. Diaz) – Similar to HB605 (above) but the compromised bill does not deal with the issue of reimbursement for repackaged or relabeled prescription medications to reduce the costs;

·     HB4011 (Campbell) – Traffic infraction detectors.

To view the full legislative agenda for the 3rd Annual Florida Legislative Conference, click here. For more information, contact RIMS Government Affairs Senior Manager Nathan Bacchus at nbacchus@RIMS.org.

The expanded regional RIMS on the Hill events are part of a strategic initiative to expand the scope of RIMS’ foothold in legislative and regulatory matters in addition to RISK PAC, which was created in 2011. RIMS will continue to be a watchful advocate on the national front, but will also dedicate resources to its regional RIMS on the Hill events in coming years. For more information on RIMS legislative initiatives or to reach out to a member of Congress, visit www.RIMS.org.

For more information, contact:

Josh Salter, Director of Communications, (212) 655-6059 or JSalter@rims.org

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