RIMS Launches New Certified Risk Management Professional Certification

December 18, 2015

First RIMS-CRMP Exam Scheduled for April 10 in San Diego
NEW YORK (December 18, 2015) — To allow risk professionals to formally demonstrate their expertise, professional achievement and qualifications, RIMS, the risk management society™, launched the RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional (RIMS-CRMP) certification. Details about the new certification are available at www.RIMS.org/certification.
“One of RIMS’ primary objectives is to provide the world’s risk management community with the resources and support they need to be valuable contributors to their organizations’ strategy setting and execution,” said RIMS President Rick Roberts. “The RIMS-CRMP is intended to boost practitioners’ professional standing and confirm their value to leadership.”
The Society will administer its first RIMS-CRMP exam on April 10, 2016 in San Diego for RIMS members only.  Those eligible for the RIMS-CRMP must either have a bachelor’s degree or a global equivalent in risk management and one year of full-time work experience in risk management, or a bachelor’s degree or global equivalent in a non-risk management related field and three years of full-time risk management employment. If the individual does not hold a bachelor’s degree or a global equivalent, they must have seven years of risk management experience. Possessing an Associate in Risk Management (ARM) and/or a Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation accounts for two years of risk management experience.
In addition to the prestige in holding a RIMS-CRMP certification, holders will be recognized by:
•    Certificate;
•    Ability to add the RIMS-CRMP initials following their name;
•    Recognition on the RIMS-CRMP website as a certification holder;
•    Recognition in the RIMS Annual Conference Guide that’s distributed to all attendees.
RIMS Executive Director Mary Roth added, “As the risk management profession continues to thrive, organizations are seeking out the best and brightest to lead their risk management efforts.  We’re proud to be able to offer practitioners this differentiator to further propel their careers.”
For more information about the RIMS-CRMP certification or to register for the April 10th exam, visit www.RIMS.org/certification or contact RIMS Client Service Team at cst@RIMS.org.  Availability is limited for that exam. Additional online exams will be offered at an increased registration fee proceeding the first in-person exam in San Diego.

For more information, contact:

Josh Salter, Director of Communications, (212) 655-6059 or JSalter@rims.org

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