Business Continuity

Business leaders around the world recognize the potential strategic, operational, financial and reputational risks associated with business interruptions. These capabilities set a successful business apart from others enabling it to recover from setbacks, adapt to change and advance despite adversity.

Only 17%...

Of risk managers are “extremely confident” that their BI values and limits set are adequate.

Since 2001…

There has been a global boom in corporate interest in business continuity planning

Company-wide value:

Business continuity improves such diverse departments as IT, Finance, and Human Resources

Just 21%...

Of risk managers believe that that their existing company policies provide comprehensive cover for supply chain risks.

Business Continuity Content

Ties That Bind: Business Continuity Management, Resilience and Geopolitical Risk

This RIMS Report highlights the value of a proactive business continuity management system and its ability to support risk management professionals’ capacity to address emerging risks including geopolitical risks.

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RIMS Business Interruption Survey 2017

The 2017 report takes a look at the challenges that can lead to business interruption, as well as strategies to prevent and manage the impact of such occurrences.

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Building Better Business Risk Resilience at Cisco Systems, Inc.

Leslie Lamb sits down with RIMS to discuss how her organization is assisting Cisco to enhance its business and operational risk resilience.

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Before Disaster Strikes: How to Prepare for Natural Catastrophes

A thorough disaster preparedness and response plan will help protect personnel, facilities and operations, and speed business recovery.

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Recent articles on business continuity from Risk Management, the official magazine of RIMS

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Improve Enterprise Resiliency

Developing adaptable and forward-thinking strategies that protect assets, fortify operations and identify opportunities.

Exceed Stakeholder and Customer Expectations

Activating proactive planning that enables the organization to rebound and serve the marketplace faster.

Create a Competitive Advantage

Identifying opportunities to enhance products and services with stronger, more resilient processes.

Cultivate a Risk-Aware Corporate Culture

Promoting the implementation of business continuity practices across the enterprise’s business areas.

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