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The risk management profession continues to evolve with shifting expectations. Today, risk professionals must be strong communicators, have a global lens and be strategic thinkers in order to successfully address a new world of risks and support growth and innovation initiatives for their organizations.

2% ...

Organization Total Cost of Risk (risk management related expenses) increased by two percent in 2018 due to rising insurance rates

11% ...

Average base salary for CROs in the United States increased 11% to $190,800


Of risk professionals transfer cyber exposure to a third-party


Of companies use captives as a form or risk financing

General Management Content

A Common Language: Aligning Third-Party Contracts with Insurance Policies

The report defines key insurance terms that must be understood by contract reviewers, as well as common contract clauses that impact the validity of both the contract and insurance policies.

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Communication with the C-Suite and Board

The RIMS report emphasizes ERM's ability to steer risk professionals through the challenging task of determining what information should be presented to decision-makers and how it should be communicated. Additionally, it addresses ERM maturity, delivery systems and sources for risk intelligence.

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Risk Management & Internal Audit: Forging a Collaborative Alliance

This report features common collaborative practices that the risk management and internal audit functions of four well-known organizations use for increasing the value that they collectively bring to their organizations.

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The Evolution of Parametric Insurance

The insurance industry is creating new applications for index-based coverage.

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Recent articles on General Management from Risk Management, the official magazine of RIMS

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Develop Effective Communications Strategies for the Organization

Demonstrating risk management’s value by connecting business areas to identify and prioritize risk.

Strengthen Relationships with Key Stakeholders

Building trust and aligning objectives to more effectively serve the organization.

Enhance Risk Management and Professional Capabilities

Understanding the role, expectations and value potential of risk management within the organization.

Support Innovation and Growth Activities

Delivering strategies that enable business leaders to pursue opportunities and achieve greater results.

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