Insurance Claims

Whether through volatility reduction or operational improvements gained by trend analysis, claims management has proven its value, improving customer and worker satisfaction, enhancing public perception and reinforcing the financial sustainability of the organization.

58% ...

Of those who have been through a claim say that “difficulty quantifying loss” was the biggest challenge faced

41% ...

Of those who have had a BI claim in the past 5 years say it took 6 to 12 months to settle the claim

68% ...

Percentage of Risk Managers who say their BI insured values are reviewed yearly against the company’s annual report and financial data

Insurance Claims Content

Best Practices for Claims Intake

This white paper takes some of the guesswork out of the vetting process, and distills down the key criteria against which you can evaluate potential partners. Note: All downloads and related contact information will be accessible to the sponsor of this white paper.

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A Risk Manager's Guide to Reservation of Rights

The report gives background of Reservation of Rights and discusses what to consider when deciding if, when and how to respond. It also includes examples of these notifications, response letters, while exploring claim limitations, communications strategies, litigation and conflicts of interest.

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Claims Reporting and Management Practices

This RIMS Executive Report explores the characteristics of a successful claims reporting and management program. It offers a review of claims management principles, steps for establishing a claims management program, managing, reporting, monitoring claims and improving the claims management program.

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The Evolution of Parametric Insurance

The insurance industry is creating new applications for index-based coverage.

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Recent articles on Claims Management from Risk Management, the official magazine of RIMS

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Positively Impact the Organization’s Financials

Using trends to determine opportunities and enhanced risk management mitigation strategies.

Identify Threats…Before It’s Too Late

Monitoring areas of high claim activity and pinpointing root causes to more effectively achieve strategic objectives.

Ensure a Globally Compliant Organization

Establishing processes for monitoring updates to insurance regulations to protect international assets and people.

Gain Greater Insight About Your Organization

Encouraging collaboration between internal groups to ensure a greater understanding of assets and insurance obligations.

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