Leader Learning Path

For intermediate level risk professionals with 3-10 years of experience.

After completion of the following courses, intermediate level risk professionals will be risk leaders that inspires others’ behavior toward the organization’s goals. They will be conversant in alternatives for accepting, avoiding, transferring, or sharing, modifying and exploiting risk, understanding the potential consequences in applying various tactics. Leaders will know how to design and implement an integrated, customized risk management approach for their organization.

RIMS Contractual Risk Transfer Virtual Workshop

Course 1: Contractual Risk Transfer

In this course, attorneys at law will address the process of risk transfer, indemnity clauses, uses of insurance, and fundamentals of contract review. Learn how to understand and draft a contract that effectively transfers risk while reducing your company’s exposure to loss. (U.S. and Canada)

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Course 3: Applying and Integrating ERM

Learn how to turn theory into practice by creating and applying a practical ERM framework that builds and protects organizational value. In this workshop, attendees will analyze the benefits and challenges of ERM, create an ERM agenda and participate in real-world case studies.

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Managing Cognitive Bias Risk – Recognition & Avoidance Essentials

Course 2: Managing Cognitive Bias—Recognition & Avoidance Essentials

Managing cognitive bias, especially as it relates to important business decisions, is imperative. In this workshop, participants learn how to identify and incorporate debiasing techniques.

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Course 4: RIMS-CRMP Exam Prep

Gain an edge with the RIMS-CRMP, the only internationally accredited risk management certification. Earning the RIMS-CRMP demonstrates your knowledge of risk management competencies and commitment to quality.

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