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Welcome to the Member Service Center, a one-stop shop to manage your RIMS membership. Our FAQ section aims to cover a wide-range of questions including directions on how to easily renew your membership, obtain an invoice or receipt, add/remove members, and more.

Top Member FAQs

How do I renew my membership? 

Renewal reminders start 60 days before your membership expires. Log in to your RIMS profile, and click "Renew Membership" under "My Account Links." See rejoin instructions below if it's been more than 30 days since expiration. For additional assistance, complete this form.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

Reset your password here. You will have 15 minutes before the link expires. If the link expires, you will need to reset your password again. For additional assistance, complete this form.

What are my payment options?

  • Credit card payment is the fastest way to renew your membership. You can use the express pay option without signing in. You will just need the invoice number or member ID. View more payment options.




How do I download an invoice or a membership receipt?

  • For a membership receipt, please visit - Receipts
  • For a membership renewal invoice or other invoices please visit - Invoices. For additional assistance see FAQs or  complete this form.

How do I access a list of our organization's members?

Go to your RIMS profile and click on "Print Renewal Invoice."

How do I add, remove, or replace members?

To make change to your Organizational membership, please visit - Manage Membership. After you make your changes, click “Continue” to complete your changes or “Discard” to discard them. For additional assistance, complete this form.




Additional Member FAQs

How do I manage another person's membership? 

To manage another member’s account, you will need the login/password of manager or Primary member on the account. If you do not have this, complete this form

I forgot to renew and my membership lapsed. How can I rejoin? 

If your membership lapsed, you can rejoin here by completing the membership application, which will prefill most of your information. Just complete a few more questions and submit payment by credit card—the quickest way to access member benefits—or by these other payment options

Does RIMS offer refunds for membership? 

There are no refunds granted for membership dues for any membership type. 

How can I get a copy of RIMS W-9? 

How do I switch my membership type? (e.g. Associate to Organizational)

If you are a CURRENT member of any type and wish to switch to another type of RIMS membership, please complete this form.

What membership types does RIMS offer?

RIMS welcomes a wide range of professionals who have risk management responsibilities including risk, insurance and brokerage professionals, risk service providers, educators and students. To view our full list of membership options visit the Membership Join page.

Do I qualify for Transitional Membership?


Transitional Membership is available at no charge to any current Professional or Associate member upon separation from their current place of employment. Transitional membership is renewable once, or a maximum of two years from the date of separation. Membership terminates upon acceptance of employment. Complete this form to switch to Transitional Membership or to renew as a Transitional Member.

How do I become a Retired member or Renew? 

Retired Membership is available to Professional and Associate members of RIMS immediately prior to their full retirement. Complete this form to switch to a Retired Membership or to renew as a Retired Member.

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