RIMS-Certified Risk Management Pro

Recertification Points

To qualify for recertification, a minimum of 50 points must be obtained (35 of these must come from Continuing Education).

Continuing Education Options​

Of the 50 recertification points, 35 of them must be obtained in Continuing Education.


​Atten​​dance at a conference, workshop, seminar that is dedicated to advancing risk management technical knowledge​*1pt/ session hour; 1 session hour  = 60 minutes​
​Attendance at a formal meeting of an external organization that contains educational risk management technical knowledge*​1pt/ session hour; 1 session hour = 60 minutes
​Speak or present at a conference, workshop, lecture or seminar on risk management technical knowledge​2pt/ session hour
​Speak or present at a CE approved conference, workshop, lecture or seminar on risk management technical knowledge*​3pt/ session hour
​Develop a company-supported educational workshop or seminar on risk management technical knowledge*​5pt/ per program
​Manage or participate in the installation or implementation (or audit) of an ERM program. Modifications or revisions of the ERM program are not accepted under this requirement.​10 pts/ per program
​Successful completion of a post-secondary accredited institution 3 credit course focused on risk management technical knowledge*​15 pts/credit (per course completed)
​Participation in the Spencer Risk Manager in Residence Program​15 pts (limit 1 per certification period)
​Teaching a risk management course at a post-secondary accredited institution​10 pts per credit hour; maximum 30 points per certification period
​Earning or maintaining an industry related certification that is accredited by ISO/IEC 17024, or the NCCA, or has eligibility requirements, a criterion-referenced exam, and recertification requirements OR earn or maintain a related professional license.​5 points total


Note: All attendance at conferences, workshops, or seminars may be completed in person or online.


*Risk management technical knowledge includes, but is not limited to:

  • ​​Actuarial
  • Business continuity and crisis management
  • Business ethics
  • Captive operations
  • Claims management
  • Compliance Emergency response/management
  • Environmental management
  • Enterprise risk management​​
  • Financial risk management​
  • Healthcare risk management
  • Information technology risk management
  • Cyber security risk management
  • Insurance management
  • Operational risk management
  • Privacy management
  • Project risk management
  • Quality risk management
  • Risk assurance management
  • Safety and loss control
  • Security management
  • Strategic risk management
  • Supply chain risk management​

Authoring Publications​

Content must include risk management technical knowledge.

  • 1 textbook = 15 points if written during the certification cycle
  • 1 published article = 5 points (certified person an author or co-author)
  • 1 point per contribution; up to 5 points awarded for industry video-blogs or blogs or contributions to newsletter articles or published interviews

Standards Development​

15 points; must be involved in the development in a standards committee, council, technical committee or work group.


Maximum 5 points awarded per recertification cycle
1 point per year of participation: participating in a leadership position on a risk management technical knowledge governing body at the international, national, regional, local or chapter level, with full participation; must include involvement in special projects such as strategic planning, governance, conflict resolution, positioning organizations strategically, etc.

Certification Development Activities​

5 points per year of service; service restricted to job task analysis (JTA) meetings, item-writing and review, passing score study meeting. 





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