RIMS Webinars feature risk management executives and professionals who share tips and tactics designed to educate and empower you, so that you can navigate any challenge your organization faces.

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The Top 10 Must-Have Reports for GRC and InfoSec Leaders

June 8, 2023

Resolver’s experts will dive into the top 10 reports that every risk, compliance, audit, or information security leader needs to have at their fingertips. Learn best practices for visualizing this data to support strategic decision-making and operational efficiency.

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Cyber Risk: Sharper Security or Dulled to the Danger

June 20, 2023

Join this webinar to hear about new and evolving cyber and technology risks, from AI and IP theft to ransomware and systemic failure. We will explore the latest learnings in risk and mitigation, underpinned by the findings of Beazley’s latest Cyber Services Snapshot report.

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Large-Scale Risk: How Walmart Manages the Risks Unique to Large and Growing Companies

June 22, 2023

Join this webinar to hear how Walmart, one of the most scaled organizations in the world, manages risk dynamics. Learn how a risk management program must develop as a company expands operations into more jurisdictions.

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On Demand Webinars

Harness the Power of Data for Better Insurance Outcomes - Sponsored by TUV SUD

A strong approach to data helps risk managers solve 2023’s greatest challenges like a hard market, inflation, and property insurance coverage gaps. We invite you to join this webinar to learn how quality data enables you to “sell” your risk profile to underwriters and gain the most favorable insurance terms and conditions.;

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Unraveling the White-Collar Criminal: A Comprehensive Look at the Forces Driving Organized Insurance Fraud - Sponsored by Travelers and Constitution State Services

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) rated insurance fraud as the second-most costly white-collar crime in America behind tax evasion. In this webinar, we’ll explore the forces driving white-collar criminals and organized insurance fraud.;

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ESG & Climate Resilience: How to Advance & Optimize Your Company Strategy - Sponsored by Gallagher

Join Gallagher experts in ERM & ESG, D&O and Reinsurance as they break down the realities of environmental risk in the insurance market, and challenges posed by evolving physical and transition risks. In this session, you will get expert perspectives on climate and D&O risk to help you build confidence heading into renewals, better understand how ESG risk may affect property valuations, and how to adapt your ESG and climate risk management programs.;

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Forced Labor and Supply Chains - Sponsored by Sayari

Requirements to remove forced labor from global supply chains is the latest example of regulatory and statutory requirements placed on international trade compliance professionals—one for which there is no straightforward way to ensure compliance. Supply chain due diligence requirements and best practices are becoming the baseline for materially impactful enforcement actions covering shipments from anywhere—not just sanctioned or restricted parties or countries.;

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Cyber Solutions: Parametric Protection of the Digital Supply Chain - Sponsored by Parametrix

Today’s business is built on a variety of technology service providers that make up the digital supply chain. If something goes wrong with one of these service providers and they fail to deliver the expected service, the business will be disrupted. Businesses rely increasingly on "the cloud" for every minute of their productivity. It is perhaps the most critical component of the digital supply chain. ;

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The Evolution of ESG - Sponsored by Zurich

According to a Dun & Bradstreet survey of more than 250 decision-makers, 81% of respondents indicated their company has experienced negative consequences, including operational and financial risk, resulting from failed progress on ESG goals.;

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Property Valuation Amid Inflation and Hard Markets - Sponsored by TUVSUD

Inflation changed everything. Commercial properties are now undervalued by 30% or more, and construction inflation hit 11%-25% in the United States and other regions. Meanwhile, the hard insurance market has led to heightened scrutiny of estimated property values. Underwriters may not even entertain a new risk without accurate, detailed COPE data and SOVs.;

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Deadly Weapons and Sexual Abuse Risk: Maintaining Safer Environments for Your People and the Public - Sponsored by Beazley

Sustained tensions in the United States, which have been exacerbated the pandemic, have created a perfect storm for harmful human behavior. Now more than ever, organizations must remember their responsibility to maintain safe environments for their people and the public. Join Beazley and CrisisRisk for a panel discussion on the changing risk landscape pertaining to the threat of violence and sexual abuse.;

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The Perfect Storm:Property Risk Strategies & The Right Solutions for You - Sponsored by Gallagher

The commercial property market continues to experience challenges, especially as we see a higher frequency of CAT events like Hurricane Ian. The creative utilization of property risk strategies can be a welcome and strategic tool in difficult market conditions.;

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