RIMS Webinars feature risk management executives and professionals who share tips and tactics designed to educate and empower you, so that you can navigate any challenge your organization faces.

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Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 - Sponsored by Prudent

Attend this free webinar on 18 September to learn how businesses in India must ensure that their data systems and practices continue to comply with the provisions of current laws. You will also gain the knowledge to prepare for the entry into force of the DPDP Act.;

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Seeing the Unseen: nVent's Proactive Approach to Fire Risk Detection With Infrared Imaging - Sponsored by TUV SUD

Attend this webinar on September 12 to learn how cutting-edge infrared image cameras detect abnormal temperatures and other fire risks. Our expert presenters will also address how fire risk engineering and infrared scans help companies combat the hard market, supply chain issues, and reduce business interruption risks.;

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A Decade of Disconnect: Understanding Multi-Generational Mental Health in the Workplace - Sponsored by Travelers

In this webinar on September 7, Dr. Jean Twenge, an expert on generation differences, shares new research on the shift in the mental health of today’s emerging workforce. We'll explore how a growing culture of "exaggerated distrust and presumed toxicity" is affecting mental health.;

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Trade Credit Insurance: Managing Risk & Promoting Growth - Sponsored by Prudent

Attend this Prudent-sponsored webinar on 14 July 2023 as we discuss the critical role of Trade Credit Insurance in building resiliency for organizations with reinsurers, corporates, and risk advisors.;

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Large-Scale Risk: How Walmart Manages the Risks Unique to Large and Growing Companies - Sponsored by Riskonnect

Join this webinar to hear how Walmart, one of the most scaled organizations in the world, manages risk dynamics. Learn how a risk management program must develop as a company expands operations into more jurisdictions.;

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Cyber Risk: Sharper Security or Dulled to the Danger - Sponsored by Beazley

Join this webinar to hear about new and evolving cyber and technology risks, from AI and IP theft to ransomware and systemic failure. We will explore the latest learnings in risk and mitigation, underpinned by the findings of Beazley’s latest Cyber Services Snapshot report.;

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The Top 10 Must-Have Reports for GRC and InfoSec Leaders - Sponsored by Resolver

Resolver’s experts will dive into the top 10 reports that every risk, compliance, audit, or information security leader needs to have at their fingertips. Learn best practices for visualizing this data to support strategic decision-making and operational efficiency.;

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Harness the Power of Data for Better Insurance Outcomes - Sponsored by TUV SUD

A strong approach to data helps risk managers solve 2023’s greatest challenges like a hard market, inflation, and property insurance coverage gaps. We invite you to join this webinar to learn how quality data enables you to “sell” your risk profile to underwriters and gain the most favorable insurance terms and conditions.;

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Unraveling the White-Collar Criminal: A Comprehensive Look at the Forces Driving Organized Insurance Fraud - Sponsored by Travelers and Constitution State Services

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) rated insurance fraud as the second-most costly white-collar crime in America behind tax evasion. In this webinar, we’ll explore the forces driving white-collar criminals and organized insurance fraud.;

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