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5 Trending Cybersecurity Threats - Sponsored by OneTrust April 26, 2022

Join this webinar, sponsored by OneTrust GRC, to learn about the most common and emerging cybersecurity threats against your third parties, how to protect your business from cybersecurity threats associated with your vendors, and more.;

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Your Go-To Market Strategy in a Nuanced Market: Maximize Outcomes and Build Stronger Relationships at Renewal - Sponsored by Gallagher

Learn practical ways to approach an insurance renewal with everyone’s best interest in mind. Our panel uncovers obvious and subtle discussion points, from the state of the market to your company’s goals and more.;

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Living on the Edge: Navigating Climate Risks- Sponsored by JB Boda

India’s risk and insurance sectors are uniquely positioned to play a leadership role managing climate risk. Attend this webinar to hear industry experts explore how India can emerge as a leader in climate risk.;

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Harnessing Your Own Property Data to Improve Risk & Insurance Outcomes - Sponsored by Archipelago

Large owners and operators of commercial property purchase significant amounts of property insurance to cover their assets and exposures. To ensure effective decisions on how to structure these programs, with both traditional risk transfer and ART, it’s vital to have accurate, up-to-date, and detailed data about your properties. These data also drive how your underwriters across the market evaluate and price the risk. Quality and actionable data is particularly important in today’s dynamic market environment.;

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COVID-19: The Long Haul and The Short of It - Sponsored by Mitchell

The vaccine is here so we can put COVID-19 behind us, right? Not so fast! Many workers who contracted COVID-19, regardless of severity, have experienced long-term symptoms since their initial onset. Known as COVID-19 Long Haul, this condition impacts approximately one in four individuals who contract COVID-19. Whether symptoms are physical or behavioral in nature, for this group of individuals, they don’t seem to be going away soon enough. Join Mitchell for a quick primer so that you can be better prepared to assist your employees who are long haulers.;

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One Year Later: Developing, Defining and Quantifying Your Risk Appetite - Sponsored by Resolver

Join Resolver for strategies to help you define, implement, and quantify your risk appetite. They'll provide real-life examples of successful risk appetite initiatives and give you the practical tools you need to report and measure your efforts.;

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Risk Management Technology: Innovations to Get More Out of What You've Got - Sponsored by Riskonnect

Technology is key to staying at the forefront of today’s constantly changing risks. Some organizations have found new and innovative ways to leverage their current risk management systems to keep pace. ;

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Increased Dependencies on Third Parties: Addressing Cloud, Vendor and Business Partner Relationships and Risk - Sponsored by HITRUST

When it comes to shared responsibility, inheritance and reliance, you need to make sure that your third-party risk management (TPRM) program is designed appropriately. Leaders from HITRUST will discuss today’s TPRM challenges, considerations, and best way to address them.;

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10 Essential Steps to Rethinking Risk Assessments - Sponsored by OneTrust GRC

This webinar provides risk assessment best practices that businesses should consider based on leading industry standards from ISO 31000, NIST CSF, and the latest DOJ Corporate Compliance Guidance.;

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