Canadian Risk Management
Exam Information

The CRM54, CRM55 and CRM56 exams are administered in a virtual format on The Institutes' virtual learning management system. Exams are 70 multiple-choice questions; candidates have one hour and 40 minutes to complete an exam. Exams are divided into two sections: the first section consists of 50 questions, and the second section consists of 20 questions. Exam access is available on the first day upon receiving a virtual platform login. Exam access ends on December 15 of the current year.


Exam Process

  1. Visit the Exam Registration page to submit payment for your exam.
  2. After submitting payment, RIMS will register you for the exam and email your access instructions within two weeks.
  3. After you complete the exam, a pass/fail message will appear on your screen—70% is a passing score—and a report will be sent to RIMS.

New to virtual exams? Watch a demonstration:

Exam Fee Refund Policy


Failure to complete a virtual CRM exam by 12/15 of the year it was purchased will result in the forfeiture of the entire exam registration fee. If a CRM candidate decides not to take the exam and contacts by 12/15 year of purchase and has not accessed the exam, RIMS will refund 50% of the registration fee.





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