Explore this series of interviews to discover why these risk professionals earned their RIMS-CRMP certifications and what the process was like for them.

Mrunal Pandit Mrunal Pandit
RIMS 2024 Risk Management Honor Roll Inductee Mrunal Pandit discussed her RIMS-CRMP journey and the value it has provided to her career. Read more.
 Charlotte Allen
The RIMS Massachusetts member and ERM Director at the Commonwealth Financial Network reflected on the support she received from her employer while pursuing RIMS-CRMP in 2020. Read more.
Marissa Holland Marissa Holland
Dallas Fort Worth RIMS Vice President Marissa Holland discussed how her career experiences in banking and underwriting lent itself to passing the RIMS-CRMP exam in 2020. Read more.
Manny Padilla Manny Padilla
RIMS Treasurer Manny Padilla discusses how earning his RIMS-CRMP was part of his overarching and continuous professional development journey. Read more.
 Miguel Ramírez Silva
As the risk manager for the Coca-Cola system’s largest public bottler, Miguel Ramírez Silva knew earning the RIMS-CRMP certification would provide the skills necessary to thrive in his industry and the risk profession. Read more.
Victoria Ogbuehi Victoria Ogbuehi
Victoria Ogbuehi is the Senior Risk & Resilience Manager for Nigerian Bottling Company, which provides services to Coca-Cola HBC. She discussed how the RIMS-CRMP equipped her for the role and the flexibility it provided her as a risk professional. Read more.
Lianne Appelt Dr. Lianne Appelt
Dr. Lianne Appelt leads ERM at Salesforce and has earned several certifications throughout her career. She discusses why the RIMS-CRMP is a standout. Read more.
 Joseph Pugh
With decades in the profession, Joseph Pugh reflected on being among the early groups to pass the RIMS-CRMP exam and how the certification’s prestige has grown. Read more.
 Chris Mandel
Former RIMS President Chris Mandel reflects on what it was like to be among the first to take the RIMS-CRMP exam and how the experience has influenced his live and virtual RIMS-CRMP workshops. Read more.
Darius Delon Darius Delon
Former Southern Alberta RIMS Chapter President Darius Delon reflected on being among the inaugural group to pass the RIMS-CRMP exam and how the certification has enhanced his career. Read more.
Patrice Corder 

Patrice Corder
Patrice Corder discussed how earning the RIMS-CRMP in 2019 coincided with an exciting new chapter in her career and ERM practice. Read more.

DeMarcus Strange DeMarcus Strange
DeMarcus Strange, a risk controller at Insurica, discusses how the RIMS-CRMP helps him better understand the needs of his clients. Read more.
Roland Teo Roland Teo
Roland Teo, Deputy Director, Office of Risk Management at Changi General Hospital in Singapore, discusses how the RIMS-CRMP addresses ERM and how the designation is elevating his professional profile. Read more.
Mark Middleton Mark Middleton
A RIMS-CRMP holder since 2019, Mark Middleton discusses his enthusiasm for the profession and how the certification impacts his daily responsibilities. Read more.
Stacey Nielsen Stacey Nielsen
Broward County RIMS Chapter President Stacey Nielsen has recertified her RIMS-CRMP three times and discusses how she applies her risk knowledge at a leading U.S. automotive company. Read more.
Katherine Dawal Katherine Dawal
Saskatchewan RIMS (SKRIMS) Chapter President Katherine Dawal earned her RIMS-CRMP certification in 2022 and reflects on taking her risk knowledge to the next level. Read more.
Scott Ritto

Scott Ritto
Scott Ritto is one of the most recognizable RIMS members. The current RIMS Los Angeles Chapter President looks back on being in the inaugural RIMS-CRMP class and how earning the certification has elevated his professional profile. Read more.

Karen Hardy 

Dr. Karen Hardy

Dr. Karen Hardy built her risk management career working in the federal government of the United States. Now a strategic advisor, author and podcast host, she continued to build on her institutional knowledge by earning the RIMS-CRMP-FED. Read more.

Merline Barrington Merline Barrington
As the ERM Manager for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, Merline Barrington wanted to demonstrate her risk knowledge to the fullest and used the RIMS-CRMP certification to do it. She discussed her experience preparing for the exam and how the RIMS-CRMP designation has elevated her professional profile. Read more.
Tamika Puckett
 Neeraj Das
With nearly 20 years in the risk and insurance profession, Neeraj Das felt the calling to test his own risk knowledge by studying for and passing the RIMS-CRMP exam in February 2021. He offered test-taking tips for rising risk professionals and those based in India and South Asia. Read more.
Tamika Puckett
 Tamika Burgos Puckett
Tamika Burgos Puckett is a Global Client Advocate at WTW. Though she is now on “the service-side” of the profession, she spent years as a risk leader in several public entities and major companies and earned her RIMS-CRMP in 2021. She discussed how the knowledge she gained from the exam continues to be useful, even after the unexpected career change. Read more.
Ward Ching Ward Ching
RIMS-CRMP Chairman Ward Ching discusses the origins of the RIMS-CRMP certification and how it continues to evolve to reflect real scenarios facing risk professionals. Read more.

 Stephanie Fisher
Stephanie Fisher, Director of Risk Management and Insurance at Quanta Services, discussed how the RIMS-CRMP has enhanced her professional profile and her plans to encourage the global risk community as a member on the RIMS-CRMP Certification Commission. Read more.
Carrie Frandsen
 Carrie Frandsen
Carrie Frandsen, ERM leader at University of California system, discussed how the RIMS-CRMP has impacted her career and her goals as a member on the RIMS-CRMP Certification Commission. Read more.
Dan Kugler
 Dan Kugler
Dan Kugler was already a seasoned risk manager with decades of experience in 2016, but his enthusiasm for the profession got a boost when he took the RIMS-CRMP exam that year. Read more.
240x240-Jennifer-Santiago Jennifer Santiago
RIMS Treasurer Jennifer Santiago discussed why she lobbied so hard to launch the RIMS-CRMP, how the certification enhances her professional profile and offers tips on recertification. Read more.
Kirk Andersen
 Kirk Andersen
Kirk Andersen is the first risk professional based in Japan to earn the RIMS-CRMP. The global risk manager at Tsubakimoto Chain Co. discusses his inspiration to pursue the certification and how it can have an impact on professionals in the country. Learn more. | Read Japanese Version
JongKi Ryu JongKi Ryu
JongKi Ryu discusses what inspired him to pursue his RIMS-CRMP certification following 20 years of risk management experience. Read more.
Khalid Almofeez Khalid Almofeez
Khalid Almofeez leads enterprise risk management at American Express Saudi Arabia and tells us what it was like to be among the very first in the Middle East region to earn the RIMS-CRMP. Read more.
Charles Vu
 Charles Vu
OCRIMS Chapter President Charles Vu tells us what inspired him to earn the RIMS-CRMP and remotely recertify in 2021. Read more.
Steve Pottle
 Steve Pottle
RIMS 2019 Vice President Steve Pottle discussed his experience achieving the RIMS-CRMP and how he approached his first online-proctored exam. Read more.
Elliott Long
 Elliott Long
RIMS 2021 Rising Star Elliott Long reveals how the RIMS-CRMP helped him make an impact for Aflac and for the profession, and his approach to taking the exam and recertifying. Read more.
Rick Roberts Rick Roberts
Former RIMS President Rick Roberts discusses what it was like to help launch the RIMS-CRMP certification, and his own experience taking and passing the exam. Read more.
 Mike Simmons
Mike Simmons is the vice president of risk management at WKS Restaurant Group in California. While preparing to recertify in 2021, he reflected on his experience taking the exam and how he ordered up its information amid COVID. Read more.
Heidi Much Heidi Much
A past president of RIMS Detroit Chapter and former Chair of the RIMS Student Advisory Council, Heidi Much has the unique ability to see the value of a professional profile through various lenses. She flipped those lenses on herself in 2019 when she took the RIMS-CRMP exam to enhance her own profile. Read more.
Sandra Little
 Sandra K. Little
RIMS Arizona Central Chapter President Sandra K. Little discusses her positive experience with the virtual format of the RIMS-CRMP Prep Workshop. Little shared how passing the exam in July was especially vindicating and offered advice for future exam-takers. Read more.
Yogesh Ghorpade 

Yogesh Ghorpade
Even with a long and established career in risk and insurance, Yogesh Ghorpade of Thermax wanted to enhance his professional profile. He discussed his strict study regimen leading up to earning the RIMS-CRMP in October 2019. Read more.

Denise Osorio Denise Osorio - Interview II
RIMS-CRMP prep courses are always available year-round and accessible online. Denise Osorio, RIMS Director of Certification Programs, discusses RIMS has innovated its abilities and offers various methods for applicants to take the exam, both in-person and virtually. Read more.
Denise Osorio Denise Osorio - Interview I
With the end of the year deadline fast approaching for many RIMS-CRMP holders, now is the time to focus on recertification. Denise Osorio, RIMS Director of Certification Programs, will host a complimentary webinar on June 4th to discuss the recertification process, what counts, what doesn't, and other useful tips for maintaining the risk management professions' only globally accredited mark of achievement. Read more.
nowell seaman
 Nowell Seaman
Past RIMS President Nowell Seaman, FCIP, CRM, RIMS-CRMP, remains incredibly active in the Society. A risk professional with more than 25 years of experience, his knowledge is expansive and it is certainly fitting that he is the instructor for both two-day RIMS-CRMP Preparation Workshops offered by Ontario RIMS (ORIMS) in Toronto on March 23–24 and March 25–26. Read more.
Valerie Fox
 Valerie Fox
Ontario RIMS (ORIMS) President Valerie Fox, RIMS-CRMP, has been a risk professional for more than 40 years. One key initiative during her term as chapter president in 2019 was to generate awareness and enthusiasm for the RIMS-CRMP. She launched the “60-in-60 Challenge,” which will continue into 2020. Read more.
Susan Hiteshew Susan Hiteshew
Susan Hiteshew, ARM, RIMS-CRMP, is one of the most passionate RIMS members you are likely to meet. A RIMS board member and frequent presenter at society events, the self-professed “insurance nerd” jumped at the opportunity to take the RIMS-CRMP exam when it launched in 2016. Read more.
Joe Mayo Joe Mayo
RIMS sat down with Joe Mayo, the principal of J.W. Mayo Consulting and author of Chaos to Clarity: The Tao of Risk Management, to discuss how the process of earning the RIMS-CRMP has enhanced his view of the profession and how it has benefitted his already prestigious career. Read more.